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EnGenius Cordless Phones

If your business or office layout requires you to be on the move or a fair distance away from your desk, EnGenius cordless phone systems may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Prime Communications stocks a range of EnGenius Cordless Phones.
The EnGenius uses two-way technology to cover the extra distance needed for factories, farms, offices, warehouses, car dealerships, motels, resorts, caravan parks, nurseries, hospitals, homes and more. The more open the space, the greater the distance covered. A range of over 5kms is not unusual for the EnGenius Durafon in rural areas.

The EnGenius provides mobility, flexibility and freedom. Add the many other user friendly convenience features and you have the ultimate in versatile, powerful cordless phone systems ideal for businesses of every size.
Contact us today to discuss your needs and we can show you an EnGenius to suit you, from one handset/base unit to 36 handsets/4 base units and from an office version to our heavier duty outdoor version.
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